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Strength Rooted in Heritage & Innovation

With a $300 loan and an idea for the first personalized flat-pocket checkbook and holder, W. R. Hotchkiss founded Deluxe in 1915 in St. Paul, Minnesota. The company went on to develop many more innovations, helping beat out the competition and become the industry leader it is today.

Now, more than 99 years later, Deluxe is a $1.6 billion company with locations in the United States, Canada and Ireland. Deluxe is a growth engine for small businesses and financial institutions as well as one of the top check producers in North America.

Through the years, we have built a reputation as a company that combines innovation with integrity. A dynamic organization that favors collaboration and flexibility. A knowledge leader that's smart, versatile, forward-thinking and contemporary. An indispensable partner for growth.

Check out our interactive timeline for some highlights of nearly a century of success at Deluxe.


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