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Our Business Model

Deluxe Corporation is organized into three business units that combine to make us a growth engine for businesses and financial institutions as well as one of the top check producers in North America.

Deluxe Small Business Solutions

By providing everything from web services and search engine marketing to affordable logo design, email marketing, business checks, business forms and printed products, Deluxe helps business owners stay focused on what they love — their business. We have acquired leading business brands including Bags & Bows®, NEBS®, McBee®, PartnerUp®, LogoMojo®, Hostopia®, MerchEngines, Safeguard®, Orange Soda and more, to provide small businesses with the products, services and channels that help them grow and thrive. It's why over 4 million businesses count on Deluxe for the marketing solutions they need.

Deluxe Financial Services

Expanding on our 99+ years serving financial institutions, we offer broad set of solutions, including checks, that help financial institutions build lasting relationships and compete in today’s changing environment. Innovation and partnership combine to make Deluxe Financial Services a trusted business advisor to more than 6,200 financial institution clients across North America.

Direct Checks Unlimited

As one of the nation's leading direct-to-consumer check suppliers, Direct Checks Unlimited sells personal checks, a complete line of business checks and check-related products to consumers through brands like Checks Unlimited®, Designer Checks®,®, Artistic Checks and the Styles Check Company.


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