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The Deluxe Corporation Foundation focuses on long-term solutions that help people, businesses, and communities thrive and grow. Since 1954, the Foundation has donated nearly $100 million to charitable organizations.

The Foundation’s board of directors establishes grant guidelines and overseas operations. The Foundation depends on its 16 employee committees who review grant proposals on behalf of nonprofits in the members of general communities.

2013 Foundation Grants by State.pdf

Deluxe Corporation Foundation Board of Directors

Lee J. Schram

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
Deluxe Corporation

Jennifer A. Anderson

Director of Foundations and Community Affairs
Deluxe Corporation

Amanda K. Brinkman

Chief Brand and Communications Officer
Deluxe Corporation

Julie M. Loosbrock

Senior Vice President of Human Resources
Deluxe Corporation

Edward A. Merritt

Treasurer and Vice President of Investor Relations
Deluxe Corporation

Terry D. Peterson

Chief Financial Officer and Senior Vice President
Deluxe Corporation

Anthony C. Scarfone

General Counsel and Secretary and Senior Vice President
Deluxe Corporation

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