Vote to help one small town win a $500k Main Street revival!

Vote Now: Main Street Revival

Pride in America’s small towns has always existed at a very high level. We love the communities we are from and we cherish memories of the small businesses we grew up with: the corner pharmacy, the ice cream shop, the local grocery store. Yet over the last few years, nowhere have small businesses been more under siege than in our small town communities, where the whims of the economy can often hit hardest.

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Marketing Hat Trick: Facebook, Email, Booklets

If you’re looking for a way to get more qualified leads, increase awareness for your brand, and generate long-term sales, it’s time to consider the marketing hat trick of Facebook, email, and booklets. The following details how you can leverage these three powerful marketing tools to grow your business with a cohesive cross-channel campaign.

Start with booklet printing

The entire premise of this type of marketing campaign revolves around the idea that tangible marketing materials such as booklets are excellent tools for establishing brand authority and earning customer trust. You’ll start by printing a how-to booklet that’s highly-relevant to your target audience and offers useful advice for helping customers achieve their goals.

Just about any business can create a strong how-to booklet customers will want to read. Some examples include:

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8 Must-Attend Retail Trade Shows in 2016

by Tori Tsu
Tori Tsu

Whether you’re an established business or an entrepreneur just starting out, the power of attending a retail trade show never diminishes. But a lot of retailers avoid them due to the travel expenses they bring.

What these retailers don’t know, is that skipping your industry’s trade shows can negatively impact your success, including missing out on opportunities to network with vendors, check out your competition, expand your store’s inventory and learn about new market trends.

Choosing which retail trade show your business will attend doesn’t have to be a tough decision, but with so many choices and opportunities and so little time, it’s important to carefully weigh your options.

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This Food and Beverage Trade Show Roundup is Making Us Hungry…

by Tori Tsu
Tori Tsu

For small businesses strategizing for their next year of commerce, now would be a good time to think about which trade shows to attend.

Why? With the rapid growth of e-commerce and the vast amount of information available online, it’s more important than ever to stay on top of the developments in your industry. Think of trade shows as annual investments in renewing your knowledge so you understand what’s new, what your competitors might be up to and what you need to change to keep your piece of the pie. 

To keep your brand on customers’ minds, don’t forget to bring along giveaways and other products that showcase your company logo. Deluxe can design meaningful and eye-catching logos you can display on everything from business cards to cellphone cases to cornhole boards. You can learn about other ways to maximize your marketing efforts at events here.

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10 Retail Marketing Ideas to Boost Sales

by Tori Tsu
Tori Tsu

Savvy retailers know that maximizing profits means smart marketing; however, it can be challenging to devote as much time to marketing as you need in order to market more efficiently. To support that effort, we assembled ten retail marketing ideas to help bring increased sales and more loyal customers.

1. Track every marketing campaign

Do you know what your return on investment (ROI) was for the last marketing campaign you launched? If so, was the campaign a success? Did you set specific and measurable goals? It’s important to set campaign goals and then develop mechanisms to track those goals for every marketing campaign you launch, online or off. What are you trying to accomplish with your campaign? Is it more visits to your website, revenue driven by purchases, online post purchase reviews?

Whatever your goal, do a post campaign check-in to measure performance so you can use that information to shape your next campaign. A big piece of strategy is knowing what not to do and if something doesn’t work, you may choose to not do it again, or make some tweaks and retry it another time.

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Event Marketing for the Undaunted Neophyte

One of the funniest and most insightful bits ever done by the late, great George Carlin was his exploration of how changing what we call something can change our perception of it. The message underlying his profanity-laced hilarity was simple to grasp — the thing remains the thing no matter what we call it, only our perception of it has changed.

That’s sort of what’s happened to what used to be called “event marketing.” If you’re a new small business, or new to the concept of marketing that aims to directly engage consumers, it’s easy to get confused by all the names marketers give this type of activity, including engagement marketing, live marketing, participation marketing, and — our favorite — experiential marketing. No matter what you call it, event marketing is still an old-school marketing method at heart. While you can promote it in the digital realm, the actual hook that gets consumers to engage with your brand occurs in the real world — at a community festival, in-store event, rally, etc.

If you’re a young new business owner, you may be far more comfortable with digital marketing than anything that involves face-to-face interaction between your brand and your customers. Or, if you’ve struggled to master digital marketing, you might have put event marketing on a back burner. However, in your first year of business, event marketing can be a powerful way to maximize the impact of your marketing budget.

Here are the five most important points every event marketing neophyte should know:

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75 Email Newsletter Content Topics You Can Use ASAP

Wouldn’t it be nice if you had a relationship with every one of your email subscribers? If you’re sending a newsletter, turns out you already do. In fact, Forrester reported that American adults are twice as likely to sign up for emails to stay in touch with a company rather than interact with that company on Facebook. In essence, when someone signs up for your email newsletter, they are excited to hear from you.

To keep your relationships going strong, you should provide readers with consistent and interesting newsletter content. Short on topics? We feel you. This is where our relationship comes in. Below, we’ve brainstormed 75 email newsletter content topics you can use ASAP. Consider this a digital friendship bracelet of sorts to ensure lasting email newsletter success:

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Mobile Apps and Email Marketing: A Perfect Pairing


If you like email marketing because it connects you with your customers, you’re gonna love mobile apps. You may have thought you have to choose one or the other, but there’s good news – you can (and should) take them as a pair. The two go together – like PB&J, peas and carrots, or Jay-Z and Beyoncé. They’re each great on their own, but you’ll be amazed to see how stellar they are as a couple. They’re quite different but in many ways the same. And they complement each other quite nicely.

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Marketing Giveaway Grand Prize Winner: Website Redesign [Part 1]

by Tori Tsu
Tori Tsu

At the end of 2015, we launched The Ultimate Holiday Marketing Giveaway as part of our Everything Holiday resource center. The contest allowed one lucky small business to receive $2,016 of professional marketing products and services from Deluxe.

We are excited to announce our Grand Prize Winner – drumroll, please – Will’s Hope Charity!

About the Grand Prize Winner:

Founded in 2015, Will’s Hope Charity is a non-profit organization focused on serving the needs of medically fragile children and their families.

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Beautiful Branding Makes Buyers Blush: Brand Consistency 101

March 30, 2016

When we walk into the Targets and Best Buys of the world, we expect to be greeted by the same red bullseye and yellow sales ticket, no matter if we are in rural Minnesota, sunny California, or on the moon. We also expect to be greeted with the same fun, upbeat conversation and energy we see in their commercials.

Occasionally, we might experience contradictions between what we perceive about a brand on TV or through social media and what we experience in our day-to-day interactions with them. This dissonance forces us to ask, “Is this brand really what I thought it was?”

The same is true for your company. If elements of your brand are inconsistent across your online presence and physical presence, your customers will get confused, or worse, distrustful. And since all businesses set out to make their customers happy (which in turn produces revenue) – there is no room for confusion.

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