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Make the Most Out of Coupons This Holiday Season

by John Habib
John Habib


Coca-Cola invented the first coupon in 1887, and cereal coupons debuted in 1909 when Post printed them on boxes of Grape Nuts. In 2010, Target was the first national retailer to offer coupons that were scannable right from customers’ smartphones. That’s more than 125 years of businesses training consumers to expect coupons as part of the shopping experience.

So it’s no surprise that today, nearly all consumers (96 percent, to be exact) use coupons, regardless of age, gender, geography or other demographics. It’s also no surprise that there are more ways than ever before to get coupons into the hands of consumers, including email, social media, text message, website, online ad, direct mail, and newspaper and magazine inserts.

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The draw of small town life is still enticing


For years, young people have left small towns in droves, looking for new adventures, more freedom and larger bank accounts in urban environments. Rare are the stories of Steve Downs, who, following college and law school, came home to Wabash, Indiana – winner of Deluxe’s Small Business Revolution – Main Street project – to start his career, raise a family and dig roots deep into the town. Nearly 50 years later, he is still there.

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Getting yourself prepared to be a small business owner

During Deluxe’s summer in Wabash, Indiana — winner of the Small Business Revolution – Main Street contest — we saw a lot of empty store fronts. Even though the town is making great strides toward revitalization, small business owners there are struggling just as they are all over the country. Main streets and downtowns in small towns want to remain relevant – no one wants to see closed up buildings and empty storefronts. But sustaining a small business is hard, especially for the owners who invest their time, talent and dollars into keeping them afloat.

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Create a Website that Gets People in the Door

September 26, 2016


We always advocate that small businesses need to have a website to be competitive. It’s a fact: businesses with a website grow 40 percent more than those without an online presence. But if we look closer at online trends, just having a website isn’t enough – you need to have a thoughtful website. And by thoughtful, we mean it needs to have a purpose, a well thought-out journey where you’re leading your audience to take some type of action that aligns to your business goals. Ultimately, a good website is just a different way of telling your story.

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6 Ways to Make Your Restaurant Website More Appetizing


With 84 percent of consumers looking at more than one restaurant website before deciding where to dine, it’s imperative to stand out with a persuasive, attractive, easy-to-navigate site. Keep in mind your target audience and be sure that the type of establishment and the offerings you have are displayed prominently.

Our research shows there are the six ways restaurants can consistently attract more customers:

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When Traffic Is a Good Thing

by Tori Tsu
Tori Tsu

Who needs a scholarly study to tell them sitting in traffic stinks? High traffic volume on the road is frustrating, stressful and anger-inducing — everyone knows that. Plus, a recent study indicates sitting in traffic is even bad for your health because it increases your exposure to toxic fumes.

As much as you want to avoid traffic on the nation’s roads and highways, there is one place where you actually want more traffic — your website!

The reasoning is simple to understand: the more people who visit your website, the more likely your sales and brand awareness will also increase. Of course, it’s important that the traffic is high in quality, too. High numbers of visitors aren’t worth much if they don’t convert to sales or subscriptions.

It’s important to start your traffic-boosting efforts with a vision for why you want to increase web traffic and what kind of traffic is important to you. Put in place tools to measure your success, and then try working your way through this list of 16 ways to increase website traffic:

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Tips for Managing Your Business’s Cash Flow

by John Habib
John Habib


Even with the best preparation, most small businesses will encounter cash flow problems at one time or another. Late-paying clients, unforeseen expenses, slow sales, economic downturns and other unexpected circumstances can all create cash flow disruptions.

In their recent blog post, our friends at Kabbage have spoken about cash flow woes with five financial experts. They have knowledgeable and sometimes surprising advice for keeping afloat when cash flow slows, including:

  • Sending invoices immediately.
  • Training your customers to pay promptly.
  • Offering payment incentives.
  • Taking out a line of credit.

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How To Use Facebook Groups To Build Your Business’ Community

September 19, 2016

Harry's Old Kettle Pub and Grill Customers

The Irish Cottage is a quaint little neighborhood pub located in the heart of Forest Hills, New York. If you visit the Cottage, you’ll find that the patrons know each other well and bartenders are more like friends than staff. The Irish Cottage is much more than a place to grab a cocktail or meal—it’s a community. You most likely have an “Irish Cottage” of your own. Businesses that you frequent because they feel familiar, friendly and warm.

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Social Media 101: Managing your social media presence

by Ria Boyce
Ria Boyce


social-media-presenceLikes and snaps and tweets…oh my! Managing social media can seem overwhelming at times. How do you know you’re taking all the right steps for your business when it comes to social media management?

Don’t panic! We have a social media sanity check to help take the stress out of social.

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by Tori Tsu
Tori Tsu

Your company website, payment portal, email — everything your business does online is possible because of software and code. Yet they are only two components of the vast mechanism that makes up the digital world. Hardware is the other. Is your small business thinking about the hardware that makes your digital presence possible?

A digital presence is critical in today’s business world, and yours has to live somewhere. Who’s hosting this vital tool for your small business?

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