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Nebraska-based Papermaker Joins the Small Business Revolution

January 27, 2015

Porridge Papers Owner Christopher JamesThere are a lot of stories of successful small business owners who followed a passion and a dream. People who decided that their love of fabrics or numbers or food would translate into the best job they ever had. Of course, for every business that succeeds, numerous more fail.

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6 Reasons Why a Strong Brand is Important for Your Small Business

Brand Identity ImageBeyond just a memorable logo, good branding increases the value of a company, provides employees with direction and motivation, and makes acquiring new customers easier. So what exactly is a brand? 

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4 Easy Ways Your Small Business Can Monetize Its Online Presence

Generate More Sales Online ImageThere’s a reason why most people create a website and online presence — to help make money.  Yes, there are some who do so for completely altruistic reasons such as sharing their knowledge, experience or insights without any plan for financial gain.  But that is, indeed, a minority on the World Wide Web. Most are there to – in some way or another – make money, and there’s nothing wrong with that. 

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How to Choose from 4 Types of Company Logo Designs

January 20, 2015

Logo Design by DeluxeA great logo design not only helps your business become recognizable, it also helps you establish credibility and stand out in the marketplace. In addition to selecting the right colors, deciding what type of overall design is just as important.  Here are four different types of logo design to consider: 

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7 Great Reasons to File W-2s and 1099s Electronically Using eFile

January 19, 2015


As soon as the bustle of the holidays dies down, small business owners plunge into a new pressure cooker called tax season. Monthly filing deadlines for different tax forms loom until the end of April. Now is the perfect time to make sure you’re equipped to meet deadlines and regulatory obligations. Missing a deadline or making a mistake can have significant consequences for your business, so it make sense to use every tool available to ensure you’re compliant.

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Introducing Deluxe Social Coupons: A Great Way to Generate More Sales

January 15, 2015

Deluxe-social-coupons2015 brings exciting new opportunities and challenges for businesses. It’s no secret that customers are constantly on the go these days – searching for products and services on their mobile phones, interacting with friends and businesses on social networks, and conducting local searches to find the nearest store with great reviews. In other words, this year truly marks the rise of the social, local, mobile customer.

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Why 2015 Could Be Your Year for a Faster ePayment System

January 13, 2015

Deluxe eChecks Image

The start of a new year is the perfect time to review business processes and explore tools and systems that can improve efficiency – and ultimately boost your bottom line. ePayments can be a business-building tool, yet if you’ve tried an ePayment method in the past, only to be disappointed, you’re not alone. In fact, 78 percent of small businesses that have tried an electronic payment solution abandoned the system without completing the switch, Deluxe research has found.

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Veterinary Hospital Sees 10% Growth After Deluxe Rebuilds Website

valparaiso-animal-hospital-dr-jill-butlerShortly after Dr. Jill Butler and her husband, Jim, purchased the oldest veterinary business in Porter County, Valparaiso Animal Hospital, they made the decision to update their website.  With several new staff members and expanded vet services, the Butlers quickly realized a new website would not only present their animal hospital more professionally, but also help them compete against other clinics in the area.

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7 Steps to Keep Your Small Business Fraud-free in 2015

seven-steps-keep-small-business-fraud-freeEven if 2014 was a banner year for your small business, you can’t afford to fall victim to fraud in 2015. An infographic from the Association for Certified Fraud Examiners provides startling perspective on the costs of fraud to a business: the median cost for a single instance of fraud is $145,000, and nearly a quarter of all fraud incidents cost the affected company more than $1 million. The organization surveyed companies around the world and respondents estimated that a typical business loses 5% of its revenue to fraud each year.

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Local Cheese Shop Marks 1st Anniversary with Best Sales Month

January 8, 2015

the-wedge-wheel-staff-chris-kohtzA year ago, amid sub-zero temperatures, owner Chris Kohtz opened his business in the historic downtown district of Stillwater, MN. Just missing the lucrative holiday season, Kohtz worked hard to get the word out about his artisan cheese shop, The Wedge and Wheel. “Despite the egregious winter, floods, road closures and major highway construction, our sales beat my initial projection for the year,” said Kohtz.

We’ve been following Kohtz’s yearlong startup story since day one, and had a chance to visit with him on his anniversary date.

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