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How Much Should a Professional Logo Design Cost?


Whether you own a startup or established business, having a professional logo is beneficial on many levels. It builds trust, increases awareness, creates an emotional attachment – and ultimately, can deliver new customers. But how much should it cost?

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‘Tis the Season to Visit Everything Holiday: Highlights from last week’s holiday helpers

by John Habib
John Habib

The Everything Holiday party is going on now! Every day until Oct. 28, we’re unlocking more goodies than a North Pole toy factory to help you shine bright this holiday season. If 24 days of guides, how-to’s, giveaways and seasonal inspiration aren’t enough, we’re also offering one lucky winner a free year of Pro email marketing in the Everything Holiday sweepstakes

Here are some highlights from last week on Everything Holiday: 

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Not Just Trick or Treat: Orange and black logos work all year long

by Amber Humphrey
Amber Humphrey
October 21, 2016

The color scheme of your business’s logo is a critical part of its design — not only will it make your logo pop, it also increases brand recognition by more than 80 percent. But which colors should you pick for your new logo? Is it simply a matter of preference or is one color combination a better fit for your business than another?

To understand how color works in branding, we’ll be exploring different pairs of colors. Part one of this series looks at orange and black — just in time for Halloween!

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Holiday Email Marketing: Don’t be Quiet as a Mouse

October 19, 2016


Halfway through Q4, you’re looking skeptically at your annual sales goals and wondering if they’re about to fly away like the geese overhead.

Never fear. Santa’s reindeer isn’t named Blitzen for nothing — this may be just the time for a last holiday email marketing blitz. Of course, that’s especially true for retailers, who on average earn 10.1 percent of their annual revenues in December, according to the National Retail Institute. But retail isn’t the only segment that can thrive during the holidays, and other businesses should never assume their revenues are bound to trail off until after the New Year. 

Here are email marketing steps you can take to “rein in” the last of the year’s sales – all manageable within a less-than-two-month time frame. 

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Product pricing: Don’t short-change yourself

Opening her own store had long been a dream of Maria Smyth. When she found the right location in downtown Wabash, Indiana, she knew exactly what she wanted – a shop where she could showcase the goods of local artists throughout her community.

As a new entrepreneur, Maria set out to create a cozy, inviting atmosphere where customers could find that unique piece of hand-crafted jewelry, fun knick-knacks or a hip, custom-made T-shirt. Each section of her store is carefully curated with just the right mix of artists’ goods, making the Eclectic Shoppe stand out as one of a kind in this small town. It was one of the reasons Deluxe selected her business to be featured in the Small Business Revolution – Main Street original series after Wabash won the contest to receive a $500,000 revitalization for the town and several of its small businesses.

Yet what she didn’t know, can hurt her.

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There’s help all around you (take it!)

Maria Smyth went all in on Eclectic Shoppe, a store she opened to realize her dream of showcasing work from local artists. She and her husband, Mike, made the bold move to sink their retirement savings into the shop, admitting, “This has to work. There’s no Plan B.”

One year in, the Eclectic Shoppe in downtown Wabash, Indiana is still a work in progress. Maria isn’t able to take a wage yet and both she and Mike work second jobs. They remain committed to their dreams, because starting a small business often means taking a leap of faith.

Small business owners, even with the best of intentions, sometimes fail. Half of all new small businesses fail in year one. Having a clear vision to go along with that commitment is how businesses can best find success.

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You can never be too ‘small’ for good, consistent branding


Starting a new business is a big feat. There is so much to think of and often, a lot of expenses to get started. One thing small business owners might choose to neglect is their logo. Some may think they’re too ‘small’ to warrant a professional logo. Others may think it’s an expense they can spare – that it isn’t important.

But in thinking this way, you are doing your business a disservice from the outset. A logo is one of the most important elements you can have in marketing your business.

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When small business wins, we all win

Brian Hoffman owns a local landscape business, Hoffman’s Nursery, in Wabash, Indiana, the town featured in Deluxe’s Small Business Revolution – Main Street project. Located outside of the downtown area, his business wasn’t one of the six featured in the documentary series, but the impact on his employees was felt when he was tapped to finish a major landscape project in downtown.

Part of Deluxe’s $500,000 makeover of Wabash included aesthetic changes to the businesses and some areas of the downtown community. One of the projects on the town’s wish list was the clean-up of an empty lot in the downtown core. Christine Flohr, executive director of tourism for Visit Wabash County, floated the idea of funding the renovation early on with Deluxe.

What had been an eyesore for quite some time was transformed into a beautiful addition to the common area, providing seating outside of local restaurants and giving locals another place to congregate in Wabash. For Hoffman, being tasked with the project not only provided work for members of his crew, it helped him gain an understanding for why Deluxe has always called the Small Business Revolution a “movement.”

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Retail packaging is a walking billboard

by Carrie Kwapick-Nasvick
Carrie Kwapick-Nasvick
October 17, 2016

Opening a new retail shop can be both exciting and overwhelming, especially when it’s your first venture. Just ask Maria Smyth, owner of Eclectic Shoppe in downtown Wabash, Indiana. “We didn’t know what we didn’t know,” said Smyth during a recent interview. But in just 12 months since opening her store, Smyth has managed to build a loyal following for the unique shop, which specializes in showcasing local artists work.

Maria had big dreams and great ideas for her store, but needed to drive awareness and sales to turn those dreams into a reality. Fortunately, Eclectic Shoppe was one of the six lucky businesses from Wabash to benefit from a Small Business Revolution makeover from our team at Deluxe, and will now get the help she needs to take her business to the next level.

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Small business is a revolution, and its only just begun

It is easy to long for the glory days. Your high school accomplishments; the fun college days; the times when small towns were the epicenter of America.

As Kent Henderson, fourth generation owner of Schlemmer Brothers, says in the first episode of the Small Business Revolution – Main Street series, there was a time when downtown Wabash, Indiana, was rolling hard every night. With automotive industry jobs in town and a bustling Main Street, this was an idyllic place to raise a family.

Then that industry left. Factories closed. Jobs were lost. The population fell from 14,000 to 11,000. Store fronts were closed up because the small businesses that thrived when employment was good couldn’t sustain it anymore. But communities like Wabash didn’t give up, they found a way to continue to sustain themselves, even if the big industry jobs were not coming back.

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