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Listing Your Business on Google is Vital, But Don’t Forget About Bing

February 26, 2015

Bing Places for BusinessEvery community has its “hot spots” – the places where everyone goes to see and be seen. Similarly, online communities have hot spots, too. Is your business being seen in the right ones?

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Fighting a Cyber Attack Before One Happens to Your Small Business

Protect Your Business from Cyber AttacksCyber crooks are equal-opportunity criminals. They’re just as willing to try hacking the systems of a small business as they are a retail giant. In fact, they could be even more eager to go after a small business, because they’re well aware that most small companies don’t have the defenses and resources bigger players do. If it takes a big company months to detect a cyber attack, how much longer might it take for a small organization to discover it’s been the victim of an attack? And do you have that much time – and money – to spare?

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The Inside Scoop on How People Search Online for Local Businesses

Inside Scoop on How People Search OnlineAs a business owner, one of the keys to getting found on the web is understanding the nuances of how your customers search online. It seems everyone is vying for the precious few top spots on Google – so how does one truly outpace others to rank higher?

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The Pros and Cons of Offering Coupons: A Retailer’s Dilemma

Retailer Using Coupons Image“To coupon or not to coupon”… that is a question many retailers like you face in today’s competitive marketplace.  Although coupons, particularly online and mobile coupons, are a significant part of many consumer’s shopping patterns, they can create issues for small business owners.

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4 Reasons to Put Your Logo on Your Company Vehicle

February 17, 2015

Logo Design on Company VehicleA couple hundred years ago, entrepreneurs looking to make a name for themselves might have heard the advice “go west.” Today, the advice is “go mobile” – and we couldn’t agree more. However, we’re advocating a kind of “mobile marketing” that is different from what you might be thinking of. We’re talking about putting your company logo on a vehicle.

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7 Ways to Love a Small Business Using Your Smartphone

Porridge Papers Owner Christopher JamesSure, there are designated times of the year where we shine a national light on small businesses, such as Small Business Week and Small Business Saturday — but to truly show our support, it’s vital we care about local businesses year-round.  After all, they keep our communities strong, offering unique products and experiences that are often void at big box stores and chains.

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The Small Business Revolution: What sparks a small business?

Tracy Dyer Owner Urban JunketThere are a million stories behind the birth of a small business. Each individual, each group of people, each shared vision drives the path that leads to the pursuit of a dream.

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Two Brothers Launch Their Small Business by Marketing From the Heart

Owners-Taylor-Bailey-for-thoseHow did two brothers from North Carolina launch an online business, For Those Supply Co.,  using nothing but social media and support from friends and family?  It’s easy for these guys, they’ll tell you “we did it from the heart”.  When something matters to you this much, the ideas, the marketing, the product, it comes to you naturally.  Let’s take a look at how it was done.

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How One Local Jewelry Store Optimizes Its Yelp Listing…and Wins!

7-Ways-Optimize-Yelp-ListingLong gone are the days when a business could buy a listing in one or two print directories and call it done. Today, online directory sites abound and they’re not just static listings, they’re interactive communities where businesses can connect and listen to customers, and where customers can talk to each other about a business. As a business owner, you have an opportunity to claim and optimize each of these types of listings – thus, increasing your chances of getting found online.

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Take a Minute (literally!) to Claim Your Facebook Page Vanity URL

February 4, 2015

4-Steps-to-Claim-Your-Facebook-Vanity-URLI recently set up a Facebook Page for our budding ski club to share pictures, upcoming events and spur conversation within our group and community. Two weeks after launching our page, Happy HOKsters, we reached 25 ‘Likes’ – the milestone Facebook requires in order to claim your vanity URL.  In simpler terms, it’s the moment in time where you can shed the clumsy, hard-to-remember URL you’re assigned when you set up your page.

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