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Fixing Your Facebook Links – 3 Common Places Where They Break

Three Places to Check Your Facebook LinksYou understand the importance of adding social media to marketing your business, and you also know how essential Facebook is to your overall social media efforts. As a result, you’ve most likely created your page and filled it with amazing photos. You post regularly, encourage interactivity and you’re working to grow your Facebook friend count daily.

In short, you’re doing everything right. But did you remember to check your Facebook links to make sure they work?

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A Quick, 5-Step Style Guide for Small Business Owners

by Eric Hagen
Eric Hagen
July 27, 2015

Five-Quick-Steps-Small-Business-GuideIf you’re at a point where you believe your company’s branding has been established, it’s now time to develop guidelines to maintain it. To be professional, every business or company – regardless of size – should have a style guide.

Style guides can be as big or small as needed within the context of your brand. A large corporation might have a huge, living, online style guide with designers and developers dedicated to updating it – while a smaller company might only need a single page pdf to remind them of their 3 colors and how to use their font.

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How to Get the Ultimate Website Curb Appeal and Generate Leads

July 24, 2015

Web Design HomepageIf you’re going through a website redesign, it’s time to really start thinking about your website’s ultimate “curb appeal” – your homepage.

It’s one thing to have a pretty homepage, but it’s another to make sure it accomplishes what you need it to. Let’s dive into a few elements that every website homepage needs to include. They’re basics, but if your mind is already swimming with the many details of a website redesign, these critical elements may fly under the radar.

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List Your Restaurant in These Online Directories [Infographic]

Restaurant Owner As a restauranteur, you understand the complications a big, bloated menu can cause for customers. It’s cumbersome, difficult to decipher and makes it hard for guests to determine if they’re really making the right entrée choice. In order to make things easier, you streamline your menu by putting the appetizers together and grouping the burgers, the chicken, desserts or drinks with like items. Once customers know where they are looking, it becomes easier to understand everything’s purpose and ultimately make the best meal choice.

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Launching His Website Helped Build More Credibility and Trust

iFlyRepair Website by DeluxeDavid Jenney always had a knack for electronics – but it wasn’t until he started tinkering with broken iPhones that he got the idea to start a phone repair business. “I started buying cracked phones off Craigslist, fixing and repairing them with the help of YouTube videos and my 10 years of electronic repair experience,” said Jenney.

I recently had a chance to connect with David about his startup, iFlyRepair, and the journey he’s been on since launching the business in 2013.

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4 Simple Ways to Test Your Website’s Performance

July 16, 2015

Website-Performance-ToolsPerhaps you are thinking about redesigning your website because it just seems ready for an overhaul.  Or, perhaps there are issues with your website and you aren’t sure how to address or prioritize them. In either case, consider auditing your current website to get a “temperature check” of its performance. You’ll definitely want to approach this both from the eyes of your customer and based on your analytics.

There are a number of quick methods and free tools available to audit your website and help you decide how to iteratively improve it.  I recommend these 4 quick and easy techniques:

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How Often Should You Update Your Website?

July 14, 2015

Keep Your Website Fresh ImageIf you’re like most savvy small business owners, you know building and maintaining a website plays a big part in your online success. Oftentimes, however, the challenge is knowing when and how to refresh one’s website – especially when so much of your time is spent running your business.

Given the amount of uncertainty on this topic, we thought it would be helpful to outline ‘signals’ for the most common questions related to website updates:

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3 Great Resources to Get Advice for Your Small Business

Deluxe Small Business EventOur customer research team recently conducted a four-city tour to interview small business owners. Across the country, we found passionate and hardworking people who poured everything into their small businesses. As we dug into their responses, a trend started to emerge. The most successful business owners shared a skill – they knew when they needed help, and they knew where to find it.

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Couple Finds Pitch Perfect Balance Between Business & Brand [VIDEO]

Bobby J and Stuff Like That BandStatistics about small businesses vary. According to the Small Business Administration, somewhere between 22 and 28 million small businesses exist in the U.S. And hundreds of thousands of new small businesses start and fail each month.

The businesses themselves vary across the board as well, from medical clinics to construction offices, in-home day cares to consulting entities, retail shops to accounting firms. If you can think of a category, chances are there is a small business to fill it.

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How to Get Better Results from Your Logo Designer

July 6, 2015

Help Out Your Logo DesignerSo you’ve decided to create a unique brand for your business and – after carefully weighing the options – you’ve selected the right person or company to design your new logo. Before you jump headfirst into colors and fonts, it’s important to equip your logo designer with a clear vision of your business.

After designing over 50,000 logos for businesses, we’ve found the most crucial steps involve the interaction between the logo designer and the business owner. Here are 4 ways to engage and get better results.

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