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3 New and Powerful Online Marketing Tools

3 New and Powerful Online Marketing Tools

In business, you’re always on the lookout for new ways to reach targeted customers. The search for a marketing edge is ongoing. You work hard to attract new customers, and think about ways to beat your competition.

To help create an edge, here are three new and powerful online marketing tools that focus on attracting new customers, improving their experience, and generating more revenue for your business.

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Is Your Business Giving the Gift of Secure Gift Certificates?

September 28, 2015

High Security Gift Certificates from DeluxeAs the year’s final stretch approaches, are you looking forward to a big holiday season to finish 2015? Strong sales figures will not only solidify this year’s numbers, they’ll also give your business a great start for the year ahead.

For many companies, successfully reaching sales goals during the holiday months will depend on, in part, the sale of gift cards or gift certificates. Whatever your business sells, the benefits of cards and certificates are hard to deny. Research from Gift Card Partners, Inc., shows that consumers who redeem a gift card spend an average of 32 percent more than the dollar amount on the card, and one in four consumers say receiving the gift card actually motivated their trip to the local business.

These are numbers any business can appreciate because they not only improve your current sales, but make possible future sales and increases as well. Yet the gift card industry doesn’t guarantee profit, as there are concerns as well.

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Small Business Revolution Launches Feature Documentary

September 24, 2015

Every Revolution Has Its SparkOn Sept. 23 Deluxe launched the long-form documentary for the Small Business Revolution – the capstone of our year-long celebration of small business in America. The Small Business Revolution is our way of celebrating Deluxe’s centennial, turning the spotlight on entrepreneurs and small business owners who live the American Dream.

Like any professional, I think the most we can hope for in our careers is to find a job or a project that we can believe in and be passionate about – and for working parents, to have something that makes leaving your kids each day worth it.

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How to Give Your Website Rock Star Status [Webinar Recap]

September 23, 2015

How to Give Your Website Rock Star Status

3 Points to Make Your Website a Rock Star Before You Start the Tour

In today’s digital business environment, the importance of your website is growing all the time. The best websites create a memorable experience for all of their visiting customers. They make it easy to see what services or products you offer, for example, and they allow customers to compare prices and find unique deals. They’re also top performers in search and show up prominently on directories and social media.

If your website does all these things, it’s a rock star. But if it doesn’t, here are three ways you can boost your website to drive the results your company needs from Deluxe’s webinar “How to Give Your Website Rock Star Status.”

Point one: It starts with design

When looking to make a purchasing decision, 89.3 percent of customers go directly to the company’s website. Now it’s up to you make sure your website makes the best impression possible. A clear, clean design is essential. Your website should have a uniform look across all its pages and feature content layouts that are easy to scan and read. And don’t forget to include your contact information in as many places as possible so customers don’t have to hunt when they’re ready to buy.

Point two: Make sure it appears online

The Internet is a big place and simply having a website isn’t enough to drive traffic. You have to make your site easy to find as well. Start by claiming your local directory on Google and then move on to do the same thing on other search engines as well. As you are adding your information, make sure all of your data is consistent across these directories; this will make your company appear like a legitimate business to the search engines and get you higher placement on organic search pages.

Point three: Attract more customers with less effort

Your website alone isn’t enough to guarantee sales, unfortunately. For the best results, you have to market it just as you would a brick and motor store. Improving your appearance on search engines will help, but you also need to focus on other marketing channels. Email marketing is a must because it pairs well with social media, helps you create customer lists and can generate a return of $40 for every $1 spent. Finally, don’t discount the importance of social media marketing. Start pages on the social media sites that make sense for your business and use them to interact with your customers through promotions and offers; you’ll be amazed at the results.

These are just a few of the ideas you can find in Deluxe’s webinar “How to Give Your Website Rock Star Status.” To learn more about each of these ideas and to learn other new strategies not discussed in this blog, watch the webinar today.

Old World Pasta Meets New World Marketing


Pastaland Owners

What happens when you pair an old world style, traditional product with the new world marketing techniques we have at our fingertips?  I’m sure you’ll agree, this is a true recipe for success. Pastaland, located in Leominster, Massachusetts, was just recently acquired by three new owners venturing to grow this business using the latest technology and social media tools coupled with the original equipment and secret recipe that is still going strong. What is the result?  An exclusive, superior, craft- made product holding true to it’s authenticity, but brought to you in a modern day world.

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SEO 101: Rank Higher in Google [Free Webinar]

September 16, 2015

Free-Webinar-Deluxe-Rank-Higher-GoogleIn order to be competitive in today’s market, it’s a good idea to not only understand search engine optimization, but also know how to capitalize on it. Case in point: research from Pew Research shows 87 percent of online users are searching online every month. When they search for your company, what will they find?

To help companies better understand SEO and the differences between earned, paid and owned media, Deluxe’s Adam Dince, Director of Earned Media, recently shared tips in his webinar presentation, SEO 101 in 2015: Ranking Higher in Google.

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Deluxe Corporation Helps Home Builder Develop a Strong Online Presence [VIDEO]

Lacrosse Homes Team Image

For nearly 20 years, home builder Lacrosse Homes was able to rely on a combination of model homes and directional signs to connect with local buyers in the Maryland and Delaware markets. “We depended largely on drive-bys to generate interested buyers,” said owner Lindsay Dixon. But when the economic downturn hit in 2008, Dixon knew internet marketing would play a vital role in the survival of his company. “Online marketing is really the cornerstone of the industry right now,” added Dixon. That’s when he turned to the web team at Deluxe Corporation.

Over the last several years, Deluxe has been helping Lacrosse Homes focus on a complete online presence strategy, including: 

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5 Tips for Collecting Useful Feedback from Your Customers

September 11, 2015

5 Tips for Collecting Useful Feedback from Your Customers

Whether you use online surveys, paper forms, or face-to-face conversation, it’s important to understand what your customers are thinking. Collecting feedback is the first big step, but in order to improve your business, you’ll need to act on what your customers are telling you.  And that requires useful, meaningful information.

These 5 tips will help you collect information you can actually use.

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3 Ways to Keep Your Small Business Story Personal, Yet Credible

Telling Your Brand Story

There was an era when big business ruled. Big was trusted, and small businesses needed to “look” big to be part of the game. But in the last decade the tide has changed. More consumers are seeking out small businesses as a personal choice. Sites such as Etsy have enabled makers who would never have a chance to be found in a standard Google search to be easily sought out by consumers.

This is why it pains me when I visit small business websites and see no touch of personalization – nothing that signifies who the person is behind the business. Do I expect a small business’ website to be polished and professional? Absolutely. Your website is the face of your business. For many consumers, it’s the first interaction they have with you. But in most cases, understanding that there is a real person behind your business could be the thing that triggers a visitor to pick up the phone or click “Buy.” Today, it’s a balance between personalization and legitimacy that is essential to building confidence in consumers and turning them into customers.

How can you achieve this? It’s relatively simple with these three easy tips.

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10 Ways Deluxe’s High Security Paper Protects Documents

High Security Paper Stock

Handling confidential information in the health care and finance industries is commonplace, but every industry has its own information that needs to be protected with the utmost security. In today’s digital market, electronic security is more important than ever as people and companies strive to protect important information from hackers. Non-digital documents like sensitive health data, all the way to custom contractor bids, it’s essential to identify potential security concerns. Traditional fraud is alive and well, and when the right document falls into the wrong hands the results can be disastrous.

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