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10 Ways to Attract More Visitors to Your Website

Launching New WebsiteYour website becomes more important to your business every year, but what if your site traffic isn’t growing at the same rate? Whether your site needs a boost in order to compete or you simply want to drive more traffic and engagement, here are 10 ways to increase visits to your business’ website today.

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Questions to Answer Before Your Website Redesign

Website Redesign ImageSo I hear you want to redesign your website? And it’s possibly the first time you’ve done it, or the first time you’re responsible to manage the process? You’ve come to the right place. We’ll walk through the high-level things you need to keep in mind when redesigning your website.

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5 Ways to Sell More with Invoices

Small Business Owner InvoicingYou know invoices are vehicles for getting paid, but did you know you can also use invoices to sell products and services to existing customers? If you routinely mail invoices to your customers, you can include add-ons that help you sell more without incurring additional postage and mailing fees. Boost profits with the following five ways to sell more with invoices.

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3 Ways to Test Your Website’s Mobile-Friendly Factor

Google-Mobile-Friendly-TestYou may not understand the finer points of Google’s algorithms, but you certainly understand the benefits of how the search engine helps point people to your website. Given Google’s most recent algorithm change  on April 21, 2015 – designed to favor websites that are mobile-friendly – it’s vital to check whether your website is ready to receive mobile traffic.

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Juggling the Many Roles of Being a Small Business Owner [VIDEO]

Belmont BarbershopWhen planting that small business seed, most new owners are excited to spend their days working on what may have once been a hobby, but is now a passion. From micro-breweries to construction companies, bakeries to automotive repair, clothiers to furniture makers, the dream is to do what you love. 

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How to Add Call-to-Action Buttons to Your Facebook Page [VIDEO]

Facebook Call to Action Button Image

In the world of social media marketing, Facebook is still king. With over 1 billion users, other popular networks like Twitter and Pinterest still can’t match Facebook’s all-encompassing reach. For businesses and marketers, this makes Facebook an appealing target for their efforts. While social media marketing is still a relatively new and ever-changing art form, there is plenty of room on Facebook for traditional marketing practices, such as the “call-to-action.”

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Deluxe Salutes MN Brewery Customers During Craft Beer Week

Sociable Cider Works EmployeesAccording to Brewers Association’s recent data, 1 out of 10 beers sold in the U.S. has been produced by a craft brewer. In just thirty years, the industry has gone from literally a handful of breweries, to nearly 4,ooo establishments across the country – a number we haven’t seen since the late 1800’s.  American Craft Beer Week is dedicated to celebrating the recent growth of the industry, while giving a nod to the people who are making it happen.

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3 Reasons Why It’s “All in the Family” with Small Business

by Heather Rist
Heather Rist

Peter Nappi Photo

Most small businesses are personal, often family affairs. It has to be, really. If you want your small business to work, it takes hundreds of hours a week and complete dedication, so you rely on friends and family to help. As Shark Tank’s Robert Herjavec said, when you start a small business, you give up a 40-hour work week for a 100-hour work week.

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Give Your Favorite Small Business a $25,000 Boost

Small Business Revolution 25000 AwardEvery day, small business owners across the country invest in their business. Whether a one-person consultancy out of a home office or a 50-person construction company, investment of time, talent and, yes, money, happens on a recurring basis.

The Small Business Administration estimates that there are roughly 28 million small businesses across the country, with more popping up daily. Of course, some fail, some thrive, and some make it day by day. For nearly 30 years, my father has owned his own small business, working the books, meeting with customers, and crunching the numbers. In that time, he’s never made a huge profit, but he has always made a decent living. In his sheet metal business, he’s employed skilled workers and day laborers and sometimes in the summer, he employed his son when I was in high school and college.

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Small Business Fosters Community

Beast Truck FansOn a perfect Thursday evening in Little Rock, Ark., with roosters crowing, goats braying and the hum of excited conversation filling the 75 degree air, fans, friends and food lovers of The Beast Food Truck gathered to share in a unique moment.

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