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Federal Reserve Study Finds Checks Fare Best Against Fraud

Check and Credit Card ImageEvery three years, the Federal Reserve System conducts a payments study to estimate trends in noncash payments in the United States. The most recent study was completed in late December and uncovered some very interesting data about fraud and check usage.

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Become a Social Media Guru, While Running a Business!

April 16, 2014

Social Media IconsSocial media is no longer a tool for personal use alone. Every major company, as well as almost every small- to mid-sized company has a social media profile of some kind. Does yours? Even if your answer is yes (and most likely it is), there may still be elements to learn in the world of social, especially if your primary role is something other than marketing.

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Deluxe Website Not Affected by Heartbleed Bug

Heartbleed Bug Banner ImageOver the last week, many companies have been investigating whether or not the Heartbleed bug has impacted their business and customer data.  Similarly, our security team at Deluxe conducted a technology assessment, including testing systems used by our financial institutions and small business customers.  Fortunately, we found that our websites and other customer facing systems are NOT vulnerable to the bug.

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How to Generate Positive Online Reviews and Boost Your Local SEO

4 star reviews imageIf your small business operates primarily within a geographically defined area, you know how important it is to rank higher than your competitors for local searches. The importance of local search, and therefore local search engine optimization, continues to increase as mobile technology permeates society. Considering that 46 percent of consumers now research companies exclusively on mobile devices, coupled with the fact that search engines such as Google are the primary research tools, it doesn’t take a marketing expert to find a distinct correlation between your local search engine ranking and business success.

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Not Getting Calls from Your Website? 7 Tips to Get The Phone to Ring

April 14, 2014

Contact Us ImageThere’s a reason you built a website (or had someone build it for you) – you wanted potential customers to know what you do and to reach out to you for possible jobs.  But being seen online isn’t always enough to convince customers to take that next big step…picking up the phone.

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Local Events Help Cheesemonger Continue to Fuel His Startup Business

April 11, 2014

Chris Kohtz, Owner of The  Wedge and Wheel PhotoWhen Chris Kohtz opened his cheese shop on the first business day of the year, he knew connecting with the local community would be vital to the success of his startup.  Three months later, he’s still reaching out to businesses and locals to find creative ways to partner and grow awareness for The Wedge and Wheel.  Chris said, “Our new and return customers continue to be really enthusiastic, so we’re just feeling really positive about things.” He added, “Looking at the numbers for March, we were up again.  I haven’t done the exact percentage, but it was a healthy increase over February, so our trajectory continues to be very strong.”

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eChecks: Smoothing the Transition from Paper Checks to Electronic Payments

April 10, 2014

Business Owner Paying Bills Online ImageAccording to a recent survey by MineralTree, three out of four businesses with less than $10 million in revenue still make the majority of their payments with paper checks. Yet many of those same companies say they would be interested in an online payment system that provides an alternative to writing checks.

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5 Cheap Easter Marketing Campaigns for Small Businesses

Easter Egg ImageIf you want to market your products and services in a big way this Easter but you’re on a small business budget, you need to develop an Easter marketing campaign that maximizes reach and response with minimal investment. Fortunately, several types of marketing campaigns fit the bill perfectly; including the following five cheap Easter marketing campaigns for small businesses.

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10 Website Design Tips for Your Small Business

April 8, 2014

Top 10 imageResearch shows that the first place the vast majority of consumers turn for information on local businesses is the Internet. That means your customers and prospects are looking for you online, from their laptops as well as tablets and mobile devices. In other words, your business needs to be online.

Whether you have a website that needs to be improved, or don’t yet have a website, be sure to apply these 10 tips to help you get the website your business needs and de­serves.

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A Guide to Advanced Facebook Insights: Analytics and Actions

AnalyticsThis is the third of a four article series on Facebook Insights. The first article, “An Introductory Guide to Facebook Insights for Small Business“ covered the ins and outs of what Facebook Insights is, what questions can be answered by each report, and the beginning stages of how to manipulate the data. The second article on Facebook Insights, “Using Facebook Insights: Even Sherlock Holmes Would Be Impressed” discussed how to convert the data and graphs on the People and Posts Tabs into actionable steps to improve your Facebook Business Page. In this article we’ll cover more advanced analytic extrapolation of how to turn the data from the Likes, Reach, and Visits Tabs (arguably the most important Tabs) into valuable actions for your small business.

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