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Is Your Company Too Small to Warrant a Custom Logo Design?

April 17, 2015

Zenza LogoIf you’re considering having a professional logo designed for your business, but thought that you may be too small to need one, you may be doing your company a disservice. A logo is one of the most important branding elements you can have when it when marketing your business and is the key to getting your business noticed.

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The World’s Most Expensive Logo Designs: Behind the Scenes

March 26, 2015

bp logoWhat’s in a logo? It’s a simple question without a simple answer. The success of a logo varies wildly, as does the price companies pay for its creation. Some well-known logos were created for meager amounts such as the Nike Swoosh, created for a mere $35 in 1971. Other companies however have spent far more to create their logos. Consider the following:

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Lessons Learned from The World’s Top Logo Design Disasters

March 13, 2015

Logo Design Disasters

A well-designed logo is priceless for a company. It develops brand loyalty, creates brand awareness and helps you generate steady sales. On the other hand, a poor logo can push potential customers away from your brand, reduce your sales and hurt your business.

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What Makes a Great Logo Design?

March 5, 2015

Jackson Abdalla Law Group Logo DesignThe Nike Swoosh, the Coca-Cola cursive and Apple’s apple: great brands have great logos. These logos convey the brand’s message to millions of people every day, just by being visible.

If your company is looking to make an impression and grow in the marketplace, you’ll need a logo. Fortunately, a good graphic designer can create one for you. While the price tags for those famous logos we mentioned earlier vary widely, you can get a brand-building logo for a budget price. Creating a logo is about more than eye-catching pictures. There are many things to consider when choosing the right logo for your company, so today we’re going to take a deeper look at the logistics of logos.

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4 Reasons to Put Your Logo on Your Company Vehicle

February 17, 2015

Logo Design on Company VehicleA couple hundred years ago, entrepreneurs looking to make a name for themselves might have heard the advice “go west.” Today, the advice is “go mobile” – and we couldn’t agree more. However, we’re advocating a kind of “mobile marketing” that is different from what you might be thinking of. We’re talking about putting your company logo on a vehicle.

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Defining Your Brand Through Social Media

VerticalResponse Facebook PageEstablishing a brand for your company is essential for a successful business. Your brand is your identity, providing a recognizable attribute to your audience. Consider Nike’s swoosh, or McDonald’s arches – these branding images represent who they are as a company and what they will deliver to their customers. They create not only name recognition, but a sense of value as well.

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6 Reasons Why a Strong Brand is Important for Your Small Business

Brand Identity ImageBeyond just a memorable logo, good branding increases the value of a company, provides employees with direction and motivation, and makes acquiring new customers easier. So what exactly is a brand? 

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How to Choose from 4 Types of Company Logo Designs

January 20, 2015

Logo Design by DeluxeA great logo design not only helps your business become recognizable, it also helps you establish credibility and stand out in the marketplace. In addition to selecting the right colors, deciding what type of overall design is just as important.  Here are four different types of logo design to consider: 

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Will Crowdsourcing Solve Your Logo Design Needs?

December 23, 2014

Crowdsourcing Logo DesignsIt’s simple recognition – a potential client or customer is better able to recall your company’s name if they’ve seen it displayed or written down. Leaving the best lingering impression is oftentimes achievable through a customized logo design that best represents your business. Like any other decision, there are several options when considering a logo design company, including crowdsourcing. If you choose to crowdsource, be aware of these possible issues. 

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The Power of Placing Your Logo on Promotional Products

December 18, 2014

Bliss BakeryNot many years ago, T-shirts were considered underwear. Due to their comfortable, loose fit, they were adapted into outerwear, and grew in popularity. The market quickly branched out to T-shirts with collars, patterns and different types of fabric. Then tiny animals began appearing on the upper left side or on the pocket. Those early insignias caught on with the public and the market for T-shirts burgeoned. Businesses developed their logos and advertisers jumped on the bandwagon. Today, nearly every article of clothing has a logo either inside or visible on the outside, turning customers into walking billboards freely advertising their favorite brands.

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