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3 Reasons Why Writing a Logo Design Creative Brief Is Important

Deluxe Blogmaster
Deluxe Blogmaster on September 26, 2014 - 11:28 am in Branding

Creative BriefThe process of designing a logo is an extensive one, with practically limitless choices in regard to color, font style, the layout of the logo design itself, and the image the company wants to convey. It is further complicated by two factors: what a client expects to receive and what a logo designer expects to give them when they craft the finished product. To try and mitigate these factors, it’s important to write a logo design creative brief that establishes a clearer picture of what the finished product will look like.

Creative briefs require you to know which direction you wish to take your brand. A professional logo design service will then ask you a series of questions about your preferences and come up with a brief that suits your needs.

1. Be Ready to Discuss Your Business and Ideas

Professional logo designers know that each industry has a certain expectation when it comes to their corporate branding marks and logos. That’s why it’s important to be prepared with solid information about what your business does and the industry that it operates in. These things will help formulate an image in your designer’s mind of just which colors, fonts, and styles should be used when developing your new image.

The reason this is so essential is largely due to how each type of industry brands itself. Banks, for example, need logos that communicate stability and trust with their customers — they are, after all, holding their money. But other industries, like online retail stores or content providers, can be more daring and adventurous with their logos. They’re not held down by centuries of tradition and the responsibility of handling billions of dollars on a daily basis. Their needs and missions are different, and they communicate that in their logos.

You want a logo that represents your business’ best face: the trust customers should invest in your brand, the fun they should have with your product. Discuss these goals of your business in your logo design creative brief and you’ll be surprised just how far your mission can affect the successful design of your logo.

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2. Be Ready to Pick Colors, Fonts, Layouts

Even though the type of business you operate and the industry you’re working within may determine many of the design cues that your professional logo designer will put to work, it doesn’t determine every aspect of your company’s eventual branding. Even within serious industries, logos vary greatly based on the type of image a company wants to put forth.

One of the best examples of this can be seen when the Bank of America logo — a fun take on the American flag — is contrasted with the logo of competing Wells Fargo. Its logo is a simple square with the company’s initials emblazoned in a serif font. Both companies are big banks doing serious financial business, but they have different things to communicate. Bank of America is on the side of the everyday consumer, while Wells Fargo’s logo harkens to their message of 19th century founding and brand continuity.

So it is with your own brand. You can easily specify things in your logo design creative brief that make your company’s logo unique — even among competing brands in the same industry. You can select colors that are different from those typically seen on most brands, and you can choose a font outside the norm to really draw attention. It’s all in how you want to do business and who you target.

It’s a good idea to have in mind just how you want your business to come off. Have you been around a long time and want to convey that to your customers? Or, do you want to indicate that you’re something different — more fun, more agile, and ready for the 21st century economy? Fonts and colors can convey these things quite effectively.

Logo Design Color Choice Image

3. Be Ready to Indicate How Your Logo Will Be Used

Your primary business might be done online, or it might be done via paper mailings. It could even be based out of a bricks-and-mortar retail or office location. These things all affect how a logo is designed, so you’ll want to indicate on your creative brief just how this design will be put to use once it’s finished. This will help to ensure that it doesn’t look out of place on the company’s brochures — even if it looks great on the website.

Logo Design Use Image

A creative brief gets the ball rolling on really great logo design, and any professional logo design service will establish this document and agreement with you before they get to work on your company’s new branding and logo. What this brief means for your company’s future is entirely up to you: it depends on what your business does, how it does those things, and how it wants to communicate with customers about its services and image.

Be prepared to discuss and document all of these things, and you’ll end up with a beautifully designed logo that takes your business to the next level and lasts for a long time to come.

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