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The World’s Most Expensive Logo Designs: Behind the Scenes

Deluxe Blogmaster
Deluxe Blogmaster on March 26, 2015 - 7:30 am in Branding

bp logoWhat’s in a logo? It’s a simple question without a simple answer. The success of a logo varies wildly, as does the price companies pay for its creation. Some well-known logos were created for meager amounts such as the Nike Swoosh, created for a mere $35 in 1971. Other companies however have spent far more to create their logos. Consider the following:

  • British Petroleum (BP) spent $4.6 million to create the stylized sunflower logo that adorns each of its stations today.
  • In 2012 the London Olympic committee spent $400,000 for a year of work to create a new logo for that year’s games. The result was an image despised by most Londoners, including the mayor.

The right logo can be invaluable but, as the examples above have shown, money spent does not always equate to logo success and Knight clearly got more for his $35 than London did for its $400,000. So how much should you spend for your logo design? What is a logo worth?

Common logo design overcharges

The exorbitant fees many companies pay for logo design do little to improve the final product. Instead much of that money is wasted on common overcharges like perception and middle men.

Perception. As Nike’s example showed, great logos aren’t always the product of great expense and a great logo doesn’t have to cost millions or even thousands of dollars. In fact, reasonable logo designs should start at $250 with complex logo designs costing $400-500. Reasonable logo designs include well-defined company names and marks. Complex designs include multiple logo designs and unlimited changes.

Middleman. Want to keep your logo design affordable without sacrificing quality? Cut out the middleman. Instead of working with a firm that works with a designer, cut out the firm and work with the designer yourself. Many companies fail to sidestep this mistake and end up paying more for their newly designed logo than they should have without any additional benefit at all.

Do you even need a graphic designer?

If you’re going to cut the middleman, the question begs to be asked, ‘Why not cut the designer as well?’ After all, the Internet is full of graphics, why not use one of them for your next logo instead of paying for something new to be created?

The answer is uniqueness and technical design. When your company chooses to have its logo professionally designed, you’ll gain a one-of-a-kind logo not found anywhere else. Your logo will be your own, not simply an image that reminds customers of something they saw on, well, the Internet.

Your logo will also benefit from the designers technical design experience. Logo design is about more than creating an eye-catching image that looks attractive. It is a combination of art, technical skill and, most importantly, market experience. Different logos will succeed in different industries and while a minimalist approach may work for one business, it won’t for another. An experienced graphic designer will help you by creating the logo that’s best for your company and your industry.

What’s a logo worth to you?

Quality logo design can’t always be measured in dollars in cents and you can’t spend your way to logo success. Creating a successful logo requires the work of a skilled graphic designer who understands your industry as well as you do – and that experience is invaluable. To learn more about Deluxe logo services, contact us today.


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