An effective education logo design elicits feelings of pride and belonging

Education logos are more than just designs on sports uniforms, t-shirts, hats or pens. The education logo design can portray dignity, pride, accomplishment and history in high school logos and a feeling of community awareness.

Education logo design connects students, staff, alumni and community

The well-designed education logo reflects many things including how:

  • Students feel about their chosen school
  • Staff see the mission and values of their employer
  • Alumni stay connected with their alma mater
  • Community members unite with the organization

The nature of the school and its students determine the symbols and colors used in its logo. Pre-schools or kindergartens may choose bright “Crayola” colors and stick people as graphics for their education logos; however, a high school would use subdued yet memorable colors such as gold, burgundy or navy. The graphics can reflect the school’s history or its specialty.

An education logo design triggers memories

Even if the graphics in the logo are not immediately visible most people can identify the school by its colors, as students wear their school colors proudly to sporting events and other school functions.

Clothing is not the only thing that carries education logos. Logos are placed on pens and pencils, notebooks, cups, flags and license plate frames. A graphic designer will need an education logo that is easily scaled up to banner size or scaled down to pencil size and still leave a powerful presence.

Memorable high school logos instill a feeling of pride and ownership in current students, a nostalgic feeling in former students and a feeling of inspiration in future students.

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