Articulate your interior design and decorating business with a custom logo design

The logo of a business needs to make an emotional connection with potential customers. High-end brands can think luxury and exclusiveness, where cutting-edge brands want to be more hip, creative, and different. Your interior design logo choice is all about what you want your brand to be, and what you want people to feel when they see your logo.

Interior design logos can be about artistry, luxury, or inspiration

An interior design logo needs to convey to a potential customer the idea that the company can create a space in a home or office or place of business that is great to be in. Interior design logos for a company that works with design of luxury vacation rental homes will want to convey class, comfort, and wealth. One that works with office spaces will want to convey a sense of urgency and image-consciousness.

Interior design logos must be clear at a single glance

It’s important that a design firm knows its direction, and chooses a interior design logo that very clearly represents that direction at a single glance. Getting the logo right can take some time and patience, but the long-term payoff of getting it right can be enormous. Don’t settle for a logo that doesn’t feel right!

Get the perfect logo for your business, guaranteed.

Crafted by dedicated in-house designers who work hard to understand your interior design and decorating business, every logo we create is as unique as the company it represents. With over 50,000 satisfied clients since 1992, Deluxe is your best choice for professional logo design.

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