Make your travel & tourism logo a main attraction

Tourism logos express the sense of adventure associated with journeys to faraway lands. A travel agency logo needs to be associated with movement, but it also needs to embody the sense of rest and relaxation that many people seek when they voyage away from home.

A professional logo design will embody both leisure and freedom of movement

When designing a tourism logo, both the familiar and the exotic need to be on display for potential customers. Travel agents and those who serve the needs of travelers are experienced professionals, and theirs is a serious business. That does not mean that their public image should be devoid of fun.

There are different travel and tourism businesses for different market segments. By targeting a firm’s core clientele, a professional logo designer will be able to implicitly communicate what services are being offered. This will maximize positive associations from the core client base, while separating the travel or tourist agency from those firms that offer other distinct services.

Tourism logo design should speak to target audience

An upscale travel agent will have different tourism logo requirements than an agent who tries to attract a more wholesale clientele. Neither line of business is superior to the other, but both need to effectively communicate what services they offer by way of their unique logo.

Color, typeface, and images all come into play when designing the right logo for a travel-oriented business. Using a professional logo designer will narrow the options and focus attention on the most appropriate combination of elements.

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